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On Friday 10tn May, 22 excited Capel Brownies and 4 leaders set off with 45 other Brownies and leaders from the local area to Windmill Hill in East Sussex for a Brownie Takeover Weekend. In total there were 400 Brownies and leaders on one site for a weekend of fun and activities with the ever-enthusiastic PGL staff. A fabulous (if exhausting ) weekend was had by all and the girls should be very proud of themselves for overcoming fears and tackling the challenges presented to them.

Here are some of their highlights –

I liked the archery because we got to shoot arrows. We got to do fencing and it was really fun. I love PGL. P.S. PGL stands for Parents Get Lost! Ha.

When we went on the zip wire it was AMAZING! It felt like I was really flying. At first I was really scared then I jumped and it felt brilliant.

I enjoyed rock climbing. I loved PGL.

Brownies had a great time at PGL. The activities were brilliant. I loved the zip wire .. It felt like I was a bird.

I love PGL -zip wire, trapeze. fencing, archery.

What I like the most of PGL was the climbing wall and the zip wire. I especially liked the bed rooms

and the comfy beds. The best I’ve had without my brother.

I loved the zip wire but I was really stared because I don’t like heights but I loved it in the end.

I liked the bedrooms and archery, but the trapeze was the most scariest because it was very high and felt like you were going to fall out but you had a harness on so you were safe.

It was the best time of my life; my favourite activity was the zip wire.

I loved the rock climbing and the trapeze because the first time I did it I was worried but I got up my courage and did it. I loved PGt. Dan was fun.

When we went to the climbing wall it was AMAZING! It felt like I was higher than a tree! I love PGU!

Dan was so funny. I liked the banana song as well.

Well the best bit was going on the zip wire and having a big night feast. GEORGE EDE

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