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Capel Assist

As  reported  previously,  a  neighbourly   support   scheme  for   and  by  the  residents  of  Capel  and surrounding  area has been set up called Capel Assist.  The launch date is 4th April, 2016.   It is a group of local volunteers  who  want to help those within and near Capel by providing  assistance and services to those who require  them, such as:


  • Providing transport to and from doctors, hospital, dentist, veterinary, etc.
  • Helping in the home (however not cleaning)
  • Home visits
  • Other similar services.

Those wishing to make use of this service should telephone 07593 714 513.  The person on duty will arrange for  a volunteer  to  provide  the required  assistance if possible and practical.   Calls should be made as early as possible in advance in order  to arrange assistance; ideally 48 hours minimum.   The cost of the call will be to a mobile phone, only charges made by the caller’s own service provider may apply.

Car journeys will involve a voluntary  donation to cover the cost of the driver’s  petrol and car parking (if required). When  arranging for  the service, the caller will be informed  of the suggested donation  at that time.

The scheme is open to adults only.  Any minors requiring transport must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Capel Assist will provide  support  to those who are residents in the Village of Capel and the immediate surrounding area.  The approximate area covered will  be north  to  the Beare Green roundabout, east to Trig Street, west to Ockley Station and south to the boundary with West  Sussex.

Capel Assist has been set up with the advice of Surrey County  Council.

Capel Assist is co-ordinated by and entirely  dependant upon the dedication of the many volunteers.

For further  details, queries or  offers of help please contact  the Capel Assist Committee on the same number as listed above 07593-714513.


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