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East Village Book Club

Several people have asked what we have read recently so I have listed this season’s choices. Each person who hosts the meeting selects our next read. We started with the Inspector  Montalbano books- a different  one each. These had been given by the generous friend Trice. This is a recent popular TV series written by Andrea Camilleri.


“A God in Ruins”  by Kate Atkinson

11Brooklyn ” by Colm Toibin

“The Bees” by Lilane Paull

“The night rainbow”  by Claire King, and currently  we are reading

“The con juror’s bird by Martin  Davis

We will choose one more then have the summer break. Opinions on some were varied but all liked Kate Atkinson  again, she is always good.

Brooklyn did not excite us; we think the film will be better  as the story is interesting but needs vision maybe? The Bees is a different  sort of experience and is one of the good things about varied choices it leads us to go outside our comfort zone. The night rainbow  was again different  but good. There is a discussion on the items but we also put the world to rights and reminisce a bit

So as they used to say on that advert, “it’s good to talk”. DOT  THORP

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