The Latest News From Around Capel

Capel History Group Gain Award

The Annual Surrey Local History Day Conference was held at Ashtead Memorial Hall on Saturday 5th April. The overall theme was Education in Surrey. Mary Day and Rita Ball prepared an exhibit showing the development of Capel School (now Scott-Broadwood) and were awarded the Gravett Award for the best exhibit at the conference. This is a real achievement as there are anything up to fifteen exhibits on display from the various local history groups in Surrey. Congratulations to them both.

‘The History of Capel Village Hospital’ researched and written by Dr. John Ashwood, is now available from him price £3.00. It covers the origins of the hospital from 1864 up to the time it was changed into a residence for retired people in 1946. Charlotte Broadwood Hospital was amongst the earliest to be built after the start of the movement with the creation of the first Cottage Hospital in Cranleigh.

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