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Capel Show Report 2017

Glorious sunshine brought the crowds out to the Capel Show last Saturday when more than 4,500 people enjoyed the traditional village show that really does offer something for everybody.









The Horticultural Society’s grand marquee was filled with almost 700 entries ranging from simple cakes made by 2 year olds to stunning flower, fruit and vegetable exhibits. Domestic and garden skills abounded alongside amazing art, photography and handicrafts.







At the other end of the Recreation Ground 670 Classic Cars and Bikes (a record number) attracted huge crowds. This year Land Rover Series, 1, 2 & 3 were a special feature and generated much interest.

The remainder of the area was a mass of traditional country exhibits. Owls, donkeys and sheep fascinated many of the smaller visitors whilst others enjoyed the opportunity to watch country crafts and buy locally produced plants and food. All accompanied by familiar tunes from the Copthorne Silver Band.





The Fun Dog Show delivered a wonderful result this year. A rescue dog, Dudley, who had only recently arrived in the UK from Cyprus, won Best in Show.







Local organisations including Girl Guides, Evergreens, St John the Baptist Church, Capel Cricket Club , and St John’s Group of Artists had various stalls enabling them to raise funds for their own projects





The whole day was a real community event with a wonderful atmosphere, long may it last.

A gallery of photos from the day is available to view here




Description Given for Winner 2017
BANKSIAN MEDAL Overall winner of horticultural classes (largest amount of prize money) L. J. Attridge
R.H.S. BRONZE MEDAL Most meritorious exhibit in cut flowers and pot plant classes Robert Astrop


Most meritorious dahlia exhibit L. J. Attridge


Second most meritorious dahlia exhibit Robert Astrop
NATIONAL VEGETABLE SOCIETY MEDAL Most meritorious vegetable exhibit Anne Cole
WILDING SILVER CUP Most points in flower and pot plant classes Robert Astrop
TOM FOREMAN DAHLIA CUP Collection of dahlias L. J. Attridge
TYRELL-EVANS SILVER CUP Most points in fruit and vegetable classes L. J. Attridge
SOCIETY FRUIT CUP (GRUNDY) Most meritorious fruit exhibit Robert Astrop
BROADWOOD SILVER CUP Collection of vegetables L. J. Attridge
MONICA JOHNSTONE SILVER CUP Collection of unusual vegetables Oliver Turner
VENITT ROSE BOWL Collection of vegetables with flowers Chris Coke
WOOLNOUGH ROSE BOWL Most meritorious floral exhibit, by popular vote Sue Longley
SOCIETY SILVER CUP Most points in floral exhibits classes Alexandra Fairbrother
JUDGE’S CHOICE CUP Most meritorious floral exhibit, awarded by judge Sue Longley
KNIGHT SILVER CUP Most meritorious cookery exhibit Suzanne Burlinson
JANET MILLS SILVER SALVER Most points in cookery classes Anne Cole
KEARTON SILVER CUP A selection for afternoon tea Suzanne Burlinson
MARY THORP SHIELD Highest number of points in children’s handicraft classes – all ages Holly Wellman
JENKS MILLENIUM CUP Second highest number of points in children’s handicraft classes – all ages Alyssa Chilvers
GREENWOOD CHILDREN’S COOKERY CUP Highest number of points in cookery classes for 2-4 years William Wellman
SELFE CHILDREN’S COOKERY CUP Most points in cookery classes for 5-7 years Honey Tedder
GREENWOOD CHILDREN’S COOKERY CUP Highest number of points in cookery classes for 8-12 years Chloe Wellman
COLLINSON CUP Most meritorious entry in cookery classes for 13-15 years Charlotte Clement
CREATIVE ART AWARD Best young adult creative artist (13-15 years) Lilyella Paul
COWARD CUP Most meritorious children’s photograph Fraser Brearley


Colouring competition 5-7 years

8-12 years

Alexander Chilvers

Holly Wellman

SOCIETY SILVER BOWL Most points in handicraft classes Joy Russell
BARNETT CUP Most meritorious handicraft Mrs E. Wood
CAPEL PHOTOGRAPHY CUP Most points in photography classes Paula Stevenson
PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLAGE CUP Winner of photographic collage Mark Harding
PHOTOGRAPHIC PANORAMA CUP Winner of photographic panorama James Longley
SILLIMAN CUP Winner of ‘Weird and Wacky’ photograph Rob Haskins
CAPEL CAMERA CLUB SHIELD Most meritorious photograph Rob Haskins
KEN NEWELL AWARD The family (up to 3 children and 2 adults) gaining the most points The Attridge family
MORGAN CHALLENGE CUP Most points gained across Horticultural, Cookery and Creative classes Roo Harmer
CLEAR SILVER CUP Presented by the Society for the best Recreation Ground allotment

Highly Commended

Mr & Mrs Shepherd

Martin Earp

HOUGH SILVER CUP Presented by the Society for the best Temple Lane allotment

Highly Commended

Terry Ward

G and P McConnell



Class Number Description First Second Third
101 3 miniature or small dahlias Robert Astrop Steve Dorey Julia Forsyth
102 3 miniature or small cactus or semi-cactus dahlias Robert Astrop L. J. Attridge
103 3 medium decorative dahlias Robert Astrop Julia Forsyth Steve Dorey
104 3 medium cactus or semi-cactus dahlias Robert Astrop
105 1 large decorative cactus or semi-cactus dahlia Robert Astrop L. J. Attridge
106 1 giant decorative cactus or semi cactus dahlia Robert Astrop L. J. Attridge
107 5 pompom dahlias L. J. Attridge Robert Astrop
108 3 ball dahlias L. J. Attridge Robert Astrop Julia Forsyth
109 3 of any other type of dahlia Robert Astrop Julia Forsyth Stephanie Jennings
110 3 large and/or giant dahlias in separate vases Robert Astrop L. J. Attridge
111 Collection of 7 dahlias in 3 vases (Tom Foreman Dahlia Cup) L. J. Attridge Robert Astrop
112 Vase or bowl of dahlias of own choice Robert Astrop Julia Forsyth Stephanie Jennings
113 Vase of mixed annuals L. J. Attridge Stephanie Jennings Robert Astrop
114 Vase of Biennials (Jenks Prize) Robert Astrop Dot Thorp
115 Vase of sweet peas (Jenks Prize) Miranda Ashwood Jamie Finn
118 1 specimen HT rose Mandy Schryver Robert Astrop Belinda Hood
119 3 roses Belinda Hood Mandy Schryver Dot Thorp
121 The most scented rose Miranda Ashwood Belinda Hood Robert Astrop
122 3 spikes of gladioli Chris Coke Robert Astrop
123 1 spike of gladiolus Robert Astrop Julia Forsyth L. J. Attridge
124 Vase of chrysanthemums L. J. Attridge
125 4 clematis blooms Robert Astrop
126 6 Fuchsia blooms Stephanie Jennings Julia Forsyth
127 5 of one sort of any other flower L. J. Attridge Stephanie Jennings Steve Dorey
128 1 cactus or succulent in pot L. J. Attridge David Hall Robert Astrop
129 1 pot plant in flower (Goodall Prize) Robert Astrop
130 1 foliage plant in pot Chris Coke Robert Astrop Mrs E. Wood
132 1 Fuchsia in pot Mrs E. Wood
133 1 pot outdoor flowering plants Chris Coke
201 5 dessert or cooking plums David Hall Robert Astrop Norman Ede
202 4 dessert apples Trevor Burlinson Dot Thorp Chris Coke
203 4 cooking apples Norman Ede David Hall Chris Coke
204 4 dessert or cooking pears Mandy Schryver
205 1 plate of other fruit Robert Astrop Oliver Turner Marilyn Turner
206 6 climbing or French beans David Hall L. J. Attridge Ben Ashwood
207 6 runner beans L. J. Attridge Jamie Finn Dot Thorp
                   208 1 longest runner bean Ben Ashwood
209 3 beetroots L. J. Attridge James Scuffham
211 3 carrots – long pointed James Scuffham
212 3 carrots – any variety L. J. Attridge
215 3 courgettes or zucchini Ben Ashwood
216 2 ridge cucumbers L. J. Attridge David Hall
217 2 cucumbers Anne Cole Norman Ede Dave Collinson
218 2 capsicum Norman Ede John Ashwood
219 3 leeks L. J. Attridge
222 Heaviest marrow Julia Horrox
223 5 onions over 250g (Ede Prize) Tara Evans Dot Thorp
224 5 onions 250g or under (Carter Prize) James Scuffham
225 3 red onions Dot Thorp
228 5 white potatoes Chris Coke L. J. Attridge Tara Evans
229 5 coloured potatoes L. J. Attridge Dot Thorp David Hall
230 3 baking potatoes James Scuffham
231 1 heaviest pumpkin Roo Harmer
232 6 radishes Chris Coke
233 3 sticks of rhubarb Jo Collinson Chris Coke Marilyn Turner
234 10 shallots for pickling Chris Coke
236 6 green salad onions L. J. Attridge Chris Coke
237 1 truss of tomatoes John Ashwood
238 5 small fruited tomatoes L. J. Attridge Ben Ashwood Julia Forsyth
239 5 medium fruited tomatoes (Coward Prize) John Ashwood Ben Ashwood Julia Forsyth
240 3 speciality tomatoes L. J. Attridge Dot Thorp
243 Any other vegetable Anne Cole Julia Forsyth
244 My worst vegetable James Scuffham
245 Collection of fresh herbs Miranda Ashwood Stephanie Jennings Chris Coke
246 Collection of fresh vegetables (Broadwood Silver Cup) L. J. Attridge Oliver Turner James Scuffham
247 Collection of unusual vegetables (Monica Johnstone Cup) Oliver Turner
248 Salad collection (Greenwood prize) Anne Cole L. J. Attridge
249 Display of flowers and vegetables (Venitt Rose Bowl) Chris Coke
301 Floral exhibit ‘Linked’ Alexandra Fairbrother Mrs E.Wood Sue Longley
302 Floral exhibit ‘My Favourite Colour’ Sue Longley Alexandra Fairbrother Barbara Grundy
303 Floral exhibit ‘Hot and Spicy’ Sue Longley Alexandra Fairbrother Barbara Grundy
304 Floral exhibit ‘On the Other Foot’ Alexandra Fairbrother Barbara Grundy Sue Longley
305 Floral exhibit ‘Sweet Dreams’ Alexandra Fairbrother Sue Longley Claire Chilvers
306 Novice arrangement in a basket Claire Chilvers Louise Attridge
401 Fruit cake Fiona Crispin-Jennings Mrs J. Dale Anne Cole
402 Madeira cake Jo Collinson James Collinson
403 Showstopper Iced Layer Cake Jane Major Norman Ede
404 Shortbread Suzanne Burlinson Mrs J. Dale Rosemary Goddard
405 Victoria Sponge Roo Harmer Miranda Ashwood Anne Cole
406 Swiss Roll Suzanne Burlinson Anne Cole
407 5 bread rolls Anne Cole Mrs J. Dale
408 Wholemeal loaf (no machine) Anne Cole Dineke van den Bogerd
409 White loaf (no machine) Norman Ede Anne Cole Dineke van den Bogerd
410 Specialist bread (no machine) Anne Cole Jamie Finn Norman Ede
411 Loaf of any type (machine) Roo Harmer Anne Cole David Hall
412 Plaited loaf Norman Ede
413 5 decorated cup cakes Rachael Sharman-Patch Helen Sissons
414 Tray bake Jane Sissons Suzanne Burlinson Norman Ede
415 Quiche Jane Sissons Anne Cole Suzanne Burlinson
416 Fruit Pie Suzanne Burlinson
417 Carrot cake Anne Cole Rosemary Goddard Josephine Schryver
418 5 meringue shells Rosemary Goddard Suzanne Burlinson Jo Collinson
419 5 scones Anne Cole Suzanne Burlinson Deborah Glavin
420 Signature Bake – 5 American muffins Mrs J. Dale Helen Sissons Rachael Sharman-Patch
421 Pizza Anne Cole Miranda Ashwood Norman Ede
422 A dessert in a wineglass Mrs J. Dale Julia Forsyth
423 Selection for afternoon tea (Kearton Silver Cup) Suzanne Burlinson Miranda Ashwood Anne Cole
424 Jam Rosemary Goddard Mrs J. Dale Miranda Ashwood
425 Marmalade Rosemary Goddard Anne Cole Gaye Neve/Richard Verden
426 Jar of chutney/pickle Gaye Neve
427 Jelly Gaye Neve Angela Day Rosemary Goddard
428 Curd Suzanne Burlinson Anne Cole Gaye Neve
429 3 different preserves (Barnett Prize) Suzanne Burlinson Gaye Neve
430 Honey Jonty Margetts
431 6 eggs Ben Ashwood Dave Collinson Tara Evans
432 Fruit spirit Judy Cranham Anne Cole James Scuffham
433 Home-made Wine Ben Ashwood
556 Showstopper Iced Layer Cake (Young adults) Charlotte Clement
601 Stuffed toy Mrs E. Wood Hanny Norton Roo Harmer
602 Cushion Joy Russell Roo Harmer Lilyella Paul
603 Bag Mary Zoeller Joy Russell Judy Cranham
605 Cross stitch, embroidery or tapestry Mary Zoeller
606 Knitted or crocheted item Hanny Norton Roo Harmer Joy Russell
607 Quilt Roo Harmer Joy Russell
608 Quilted or patchwork item Joy Russell Mrs E. Wood
609 Piece of art from paper/colouring Paula Stevenson Elizabeth Scuffham/Mrs E. Wood
611 An item of woodwork Clay Griffin Roo Harmer Daniel Clement
612 Challenge – Buttons as focus Claire Chilvers Roo Harmer Joy Russell
613 Any other handicraft Joy Russell Ben Ashwood Norman Ede
614 A drawing Alexandra John George Yates Joy Fraser
615 A painting in oil Judith Hall Belinda Hood Carole Brough Fuller
616 A painting in acrylic Mrs E Whittaker Liz Richardson Shirley Martin
617 A painting in watercolour Belinda Hood Alexandra John Renate Gordon
618 Painting of a person Richard Guest Shirley Martin
619 Painting of a street scene Joy Fraser Renate Gordon
620 Painting of animals Yvonne Featherstone Alexandra John Judith Hall
550 Portrait in any medium (Young adults) Lilyella Paul Oscar Bradstock
551 Piece of art from paper/colouring (Young adults) Lilyella Paul
553 Item of handicraft (Young adults) Jonty Margetts
705 Colour Photography ‘Purple’ Tammy Mitchell Roo Harmer Mark Harding
706 Colour Photography ‘Butterflies’ James Scuffham Wesley Attridge Jane Salton
707 Colour Photography ‘Clouds’ Paula Stevenson Gail Burlinson Rob Haskins
708 Colour Photography ‘Celebrations’ Paula Stevenson Elizabeth Scuffham James Scuffham
709 Colour Photography ‘Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside’ Paul Longley Elizabeth Scuffham Mark Harding
710 Colour Photography ‘Any other subject’ Elizabeth Scuffham Rob Haskins Wesley Attridge
711 ‘Weird and Wacky’ (Silliman Cup) Rob Haskins Roger South Gail Burlinson
712 Colour Photography – A panorama (Morgan Cup) James Longley Tammy Mitchell Rob Haskins
713 Photographic collage ‘The Street’ (Morgan Cup) Mark Harding Joy Russell
714 A set of 3 photos on a theme ‘Night time’ Paula Stevenson Joy Russell Mark Harding
715 A set of 3 photos on a theme ‘Leaves’ Mark Harding Gail Burlinson Elizabeth Scuffham
716 A set of 3 photos ‘Any other subject’ Paula Stevenson Mark Harding Elizabeth Scuffham
717 Black and White Photography – any subject Rachael Sharman-Patch Wesley Attridge Rob Haskins
Children’s Classes – Aged 2 – 4
502 ‘It came from outer space’ made from vegetables and/or fruit Alyssa Chilvers
503 Edible necklace Alexa Jackson Alyssa Chilvers Isla Campbell
504 Decorated cardboard box Alexa Jackson Alyssa Chilvers Isla Campbell/Beatrice Lynn
505 Model from scrap material Alyssa Chilvers Alexa Jackson
506 ‘Our Garden’ painting or drawing (Margetts prize) Alyssa Chilvers
508 Self or family portrait Alexa Jackson Alyssa Chilvers Isabelle Bennett
509 Item made from play dough Alyssa Chilvers
510 Plant in pot, grown by entrant Alyssa Chilvers
533 5 rock cakes William Wellman
534 5 Rice Crispie cakes Isla Campbell William Wellman Alyssa Chilvers
535 5 decorated small cakes Isabelle Bennett/Isla Campbell Alyssa Chilvers/William Wellman
536 5 jam tarts Isla Campbell William Wellman
537 5 bread rolls William Wellman
Children’s Classes – Aged 5-7
511 Colouring competition (Society Prize) Alexander Chilvers Amellie Bennett
512 A vegetable grown by the exhibitor (Attridge Prize) Amelia Chilvers/Emilia Herrington Alexander Chilvers
514 Hanging mobile from scrap materials Honey Grace Tedder Amelia Chilvers Alexander Chilvers
515 Piece of electronically created art Alexander Chilvers/Amelia Chilvers
516 An original model from eg Lego, Meccano Alexander Chilvers Amelia Chilvers Amellie Bennet/Arthur Lynn
517 Homemade musical instrument Amelia Chilvers
519 Piece of art from paper/colouring (Margetts prize) Amelia Chilvers Isla Turner Samuel Brearley/Alexander Chilvers
520 Plant in pot, grown by entrant Nya Rose
539 Gingerbread man Samuel Brearley Isla Turner
540 6 decorated small cakes Honey Grace Tedder Scarlett Bradstock/ Amelia Chilvers Alexander Chilvers
541 6 cookies Honey Grace Tedder Samuel Brearley Amelia Chilvers
542 6 cheese straws Honey Grace Tedder
Children’s Classes – Aged 8-12
521 Handwriting (Rankin Prize) Poppy Miles/Violet Prins/Amy Rogers Lyleigh Cook/Jemima Dixon/Holly Wellman James Dawes/Samuel Stephens
522 Colouring competition (Society Prize) Holly Wellman Laura Pusey
523 Piece of sewing/knitting/woodwork/metalwork Gracie Attridge/Hannah Margetts/Carrie Sharman-Patch/Holly Wellman
524 Container of flowers arranged in marquee Holly Wellman Bonnie Akers Rory Attridge
525 Decorated mask Holly Wellman Carrie Sharman-Patch
526 Holiday Scrapbook (Goodall Prize) Holly Wellman
527 An original model from Lego, Duplo or any other Poppy Robinson Rory Attridge/Fraser Brearley
528 Decorated pebble Bonnie Akers/Holly Wellman Fraser Brearley
529 Piece of art from paper/colouring (Margetts prize) Carrie Sharman-Patch/Holly Wellman Poppy Robinson Hannah Margetts
530 Miniature garden in a seed tray Rory Attridge/Holly Wellman Bonnie Akers/Summer Akers
531 Vegetable grown by child (Attridge prize) Holly Wellman
532 Plant in pot, grown by entrant Holly Wellman
543 Plaited loaf Chloe Wellman Millie Smithers Poppy Robinson
544 6 chocolate cookies Chloe Wellman Carrie Sharman-Patch
545 Gingerbread family of 4 Chloe Wellman
546 6 Showstopper cupcakes Chloe Wellman Carrie Sharman-Patch
547 6 cheese scones Laura Pusey Chloe Wellman Carrie Sharman-Patch
Children’s Photography
701 ‘My pet will make you smile!’ Fraser Brearley Millie Smithers Laura Pusey
702 ‘Friends!’ Fraser Brearley Poppy Robinson Aoife Kidd
703 ‘My toys in action Rory Attridge
704 Any other subject Fraser Brearley Gracie Attridge Carrie Sharman-Patch
Great Potato Challenge
Heaviest individual potato Chris Coke Neil Carter John Ashwood/Jane Major
Heaviest potato crop Chris Coke John Ashwood/Jane Major Neil Carter


Capel Fun Dog Show Results 2017

Class 1, Most Handsome Dog – Deborah Baker,   Graff 1 year, Rottweiler

Class 2, Prettiest Bitch – Caitlin Paddy, Biscuit 4 years, Jack Russel Cross

Class 3, Best Puppy – Dyllis, Bramble 4 months, Working Cocker Spaniel

Class 4, Dog the Judge would like to take home – Amy Scott, Bella 4.5 months, Bulldog

Class 5, Best Rescue Dog – Jackie Romoff, Dudley 18 months, Bruno Juru Hound

Class 6, Best Trick – Marilyn Lyons, Poppy 5 years, Miniature Schnauzer

Class 7, Best in Show – Jackie Romoff, Dudley 18 months, Bruno Juru Hound

Many thanks to our judges, Claire and her assistants from Brelades Veterinary Surgery Dorking and Pointers Forest Green for donating the prizes.

Well done to Dudley Best in Show (also Best Rescue) who arrived in the UK only last week having been rescued from Cyprus and has settled so well.



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