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December Garden Tips

Garden work for December.

Flower garden

Check that evergreen climbers planted against a wall have access to sufficient moisture

If there is a mild period without much rain, cut lawns if necessary.

Take hardwood cuttings of deciduous shrubs like Callicarpa viburnums and tamarix.  The cuttings should be about 20cm (8”) long and heeled in deeply so that only a third is above ground.

Apply a dry mulch (like chipped bark), to overwintering tender plants such as dahlias and agapanthus.

If you have flowering azaleas, cyclamen or hyacinths as presents, keep them in cool conditions (10 to 15C) to prolong flowering.

Only water citrus plants when the compost is dry, then water until it exits the drainage holes.


If you have established rhubarb you could try early forcing by covering the crowns with a clay forcing ‘hat’ or a bucket with a hole at the top.  Probably best to wait until the end of next month.

If you are lucky enough to have a fig tree, now is the time to cover the developing fruit with horticultural fleece.

Garlic can still be planted, if the soil is not frozen.  The bulb should  be planted at least an inch deep in well-drained soil, alternatively, use pots.

Make sure that all your brassicas are well netted against pigeon attack.

Plant blueberries in ericaceous compost.  It is best to have at least two different cultivars to ensure good cross-pollination.


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