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June Garden Tips

Garden work for June

Flower garden

Divide bearded irises after flowering, replanting sections with at least two fans of leaves attached.  Make sure that the rhisomes (roots) can have a good sun bathe.

Container plants should be given liquid feed using the instruction on the packets.  Usually, every other week is sufficient.

Remove blanket weed from ponds by twisting the plants around a stick.  Make sure to leave the weed at the side of the pond for at least 24 hours so that any wildlife caught up in the weed can escape back to the pond.

Tubs and especially hanging baskets can dry out very quickly in warm weather.  Keep them watered as appropriate.

Slugs and snails are active overnight and will destroy lilies and delphiniums if allowed to, keep them under control.

Take softwood cuttings of Spiraea, Buddleia, and Caryopteris.

Cut oriental poppies back to ground level after flowering; new foliage should follow.


For successional cropping continue planting out, or direct sowing runner and French beans.

Make sure your netting over soft fruit is secure to prevent them being attacked by birds.

Sow fennel and oriental greens such as mizuna and pak choi.  If sown in June it helps prevent the crop from bolting.

Fruit trees like apples will have a normal ‘June drop’ , this is natural and is normal.

Plant pencil-thick leeks into deep holes.  Water in using a watering can without a rose on the end so that the soil goes in around the roots.

Sow main crop carrots for over wintering, one suitable variety is Autumn King 2.

Use the gaps between brassicas to crop quick maturing salad crops like radishes or salad leaf crops.

Water tomatoes in containers thoroughly and regularly to prevent blossom end rot.

Check gooseberries for the sawfly larvae.  Hand pick them, or spray with an approved insecticide.

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