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Capel Music Festival

Dear Readers,

We are delighted to announce that this year’s event raised a fantastic ¬£14,700 which will be split between its chosen charities, St Catherine’s Hospice and The Studio ADHD Centre in Capel. A number of smaller local charities and organisations are also benefiting including Capel Youth Club, the Capel Cricket pavilion and the Amber Foundation in Ockley, Capel Pre-School and the Capel Guides and Scouts groups. The event attracted over 2,000 visitors.

The team are planning to put the event on again next year. It takes a lot of organisation so with more people involve it would mean the workload could be spread. We are looking for volunteers to join the CMF team for the festival August 2013. We require a number of roles such as gathering sponsors, preparing food and putting up signs. Please consider offering a few hours of help before the event, or on the day. Please contact Emma Jaques on 077415 475779, .

Thank you!!


Emma Jaques 

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