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Capel And Beare Green’s Green Belt

The Mole Valley District Council is under pressure from central government to find areas withing the Green Belt for building new homes, in order to meet stringent targets. About 75% of the Mole Valley is within the Green Belt which surrrounds London, its aim to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently free from developent. The Mole Valley District Council is reviewing the Green Belt boundary, as there has to be enough land available for 3,760 new homes in the period of 2006-2026. Around 1500 of these have already been built, almost entirely within the Mole Valley’s towns and larger villages. There is no longer enough land available within these areas to accommodate the remaining homes that have to be built. The only available land is currently in the Green Belt and capel is on its very southern edge. What will be the result in Capel and in Beare Green if the Green Belt boundary is moved northwards?

The Parish Council will be discussing the situation at its meeting on March 18th. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting. There will be a 10-minute slot for questions at the Beginning. The Parish Council will prepare a written reponse for the Mole Valley District Council by March 18th, unlikley to be in time for the April issue of the Magazine.

The Mole Valley’s Green Blet boundary review document is available to view and comment on by visiting, or visiting the Council Offices in Dorking or Dorking Library. You can also contact Mole Valley (01306 88501) or email

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