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Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport has recently started a consultation, which the Parish Council will be responding to, on the introduction of a new way of making sure aircraft follow as closely as possible the departure routes they are required to keep to after they take off from the airport.

The new system is called P-RNAV (Precision Area Navigation) This is a navigation system that enables a track of keeping accuracy of +/- 1 nautical mile compared with +/- 5 nautical miles which is the next best standard. P-RNAV will mean that the dispersion of departing aircraft will become more concentrate than before ( until they are at 4,000 feet and can be vectored by Air Traffic Control as is current operational practice) with the result that some residents will be overflown less, while others will be overflown more and therefore the noise impact will be redistributed. Members of the public can view documents and take part in the consultation on

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