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In addition to the possibility of a second runway, Gatwick Airport Ltd, and National Air Traffic Services have jointly published proposals for a major revamp of the flight paths into and out of Gatwick. These plans could have a serious adverse effect on our area. The consultation documents are available at: http:/// . The consultation ends on 21st January 2013 and the Parish Council will be working on a drag response to meet that deadline. This consultation is in the form of seven large documents with thirteen appendices – so just view it on line! With members in all areas around the airport, GACC ( Gatwick Airport Conservation Campaign) has a firm and long established policy of not supporting or opposing proposals to move aircraft noise from one community to another therefore although they will be responding it will be in general terms. Should you sit to say why aircraft should not fly over our local area you must respond directly yourself.

The Parish Council has submitted a document ‘Representations in relation to an expansion at Gatwick and Heathrow Airports.’ This has been distributed to the Airports Commission, BAA Heathrow, Gatwick Airport Ltd, GACC, GATCOM, SCC, MVDC and others. A copy can be found at

Jackie Coke

Clerk to the Council (01306-712447)

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