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Parish Notes For November

At the meeting of Capel Parish Council on 19th October Inspector Hamlin attended with the latest crib figures. There have been 15 minor offences since the last meeting. 7 in Capel and 8 in Beare Green. He confirmed the attendance of Chris Cannon at all the Neighbourhood Plan meetings being held in October and November to discuss road safety matters. Leaflets on other safety matters where produced and these will be distributed to groups in the Parish.

The Chairman Mandy Schryver said that on the evening of Saturday 17th October there had been vandalism at the Capel Playground when youths had set fire to the playground surface. Two youths wearing hoodies and riding bikes had been seen riding away from the scene. The fire brigade were called to put out the fire. Although the damage was small in area it will be expensive to repair.

Paula Dale had attended a MVDC Bike Forum at Dorking on behalf of the Parish Council where cyclists and residents and horse riders were represented. She said there was a danger to horse riders emerging from bridle paths onto the roads where cyclists are racing and suggested they be made aware of the bridle paths before starting their races. Each group made their presentation and this was followed by a mainly polite question and answer session. Inspector Hamilin said nothing can be done to prevent cycle clubs holding races on public roads but suggested better advance warning information could be provided to communities.


Mrs Lesley Bignell 

Clerk to Capel Parish Council

01306 712447

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