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Surrey County Council’s ‘Project Horizon’

This is a £100m investment programme by Surrey County Council to deliver significant improvement in Surrey’s road network over a five year period from 2013 to 2018. The programme will invest a minimum of £10m in Mole Valley’s road network and enable over 55km (10.3%) of the Mole Valley network to be replaced. For Capel Parish during year one (2013/14) Anstie Lane starting from its junction with Coldharbour Lane for 1600m South will be resurfaced as will Coles Lane from its junction with Wear St to Ockley Court road Bridge. Year 2 (2014 /15) will see Newdigate Rd from its intersection with the A24 / Trig Street along its full length to Newdigate – resurfaced.

At some stage during years 1 to 3 of the programme Rusper Road from its junction with the A24 to the Sussex border will be resurfaced as will Vicarage Lane. Works sorting the flood problems between Charlotte Broadwood flats and the Old Vicarage and opposite The Old Police House in Vicarage Lane will have to be undertaken prior to any resurfacing works and the Parish Council will continue lobbying for this work to be undertaken at the earliest possible time.

All roads on the Operation Horizon Programme will be assessed to determine the reason for road failure. This will include assessment of the underlying road base and top surface. Depending upon the needs analysis one of three options will be selected:  full reconstruction, replacing the underlying road base and top surface; partial reconstruction, replacing top road surface only; surface treatment, an additional road surface will be added to remove surface defects and seal the road from future water egress.

The right engineering option will therefore be selected for each road depending on its specific need, while regardless of solution all work will ensure the road is fit for purpose for at least the next 10 to 15yrs.

For further information including actual dates for proposed schemes due within the next six months, and further questions /answers please see:


Jackie Coke Clerk to the Council 01306 712447

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