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Gardening tips – January 2013

Happy New Year, everyone.  Although we can expect January to bring us more cold weather, it is also the time to look forward to Spring and even if it does not seem like it, the days are getting longer. This is the time of year when houseplants are most appreciated.  Azaleas, cineraria and cyclamen will all help to cheer things up.  Do not over water, and most of these plants…

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Garden notes for December 2012.

The talk that Geoff Hawkins gave the 30 or so members who attended the AGM on 13th November was practical and very informative.  Amongst a great deal of sound advice, including using Vitax Q4 fertiliser rather than my favourite Growmore, he advocated to use of bending shoots of fruit trees and climbing roses.  I had never thought of using string and a brick to gently bend shoots so that the…

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Gardening Tips. November 2012

This is the month where there should be good housekeeping in the garden, tidying up and pruning in readiness for the winter months. If you have a large compost area it is a very good idea to keep all the leaves swept from the lawn and elsewhere, as they will make excellent leaf mould – eventually. Prepare for the spring by digging and manuring the vegetable patch. Remember to keep…

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Temple Lane Allotments

The allotments, recently started through the generosity of the Dale family, were recently put up for a weekly charitable giving project at Dorking’s Waitrose Store. As a result of the votes from customers, £320 was raised towards costs. The present plan is to build an Eco Loo on the site. Congratulations!

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