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Horsham Active Woodland Trust

Horsham Active Woodland Trust (HAWT) is a locally based Charity formed to conserve, restore and maintain in a traditional manner ancient woodland sites in the Horsham area. Currently we operate across three sites, Rome Woods and Northlands Wood on the Surrey/Sussex border to the south of Capel and Sheephovel Woods at Mannings Heath near Horsham.

We are involved in a long term management plan devised with support of the Forestry Commission to manage the woodland in a sustainable programme of continuous forestry cover promoting growth of quality timber and producing woodfuel logs and other wood products. Work involves coppicing – a very effective method of producing fast growing sustainable timber without the need for replanting. Maintenance of rides, tracks within the woods, that are cleared within a set timeframe to allow additional light to reach the ground which enhances the biodiversity of wildlife. Clearance of rhododendron which if left untreated and can overtake the natural habitat of ancient woodland.

One of the charity’s aims is to encourage local community involvement via sporting and recreational activities. Whilst at the moment there are no facilities present on the sites, if your club or society could have use of the woodland please call or email Tim for a chat. Mobile: 07435 053230 or email

For more information please visit

Tim Husband. 

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