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Christian Aid Week

11th-17th May 2014 : Life Before Death!

“Christian Aid Week” continues to tackle the ever increasing plight of the poor and destitute throughout the world.

Less than 1% is used in this country on administration and running costs – the other 99% is spent where it is most needed. Christian Aid knows no boundaries.

Distribution is through local “on the spot” organisations – who know best how to channel these resources. The money is spent on BASICS – (what we tend to take for granted) Food, Clean Water, Habitation, Education and Medication. Many in the world try to survive on less than $3 per day.

AID (unfortunately) continues to be a more permanent requirement – not just for this one week of the year, though it is during this week that we hope your minds and hearts and wallets are especially focused. Whilst we continue in this current economic crisis, it does pale somewhat when compared to the plight of the destitute. So it is even more important to continue to (please) give generously again this year.

Last year Capel once again rose to the challenge and collected more than £1,400 so on behalf of all “the less fortunate” who received your generous donations –  a very big Thank You.

A Christian Aid envelope will be posted through your door around 12th May, and collected at the end of the week or alternatively you can make a donation in an envelope in the Church at any time, so please dig deep again this year and continue with your generosity. If you can fill in the Gift Aid attachment then this makes a huge financial difference.

We are always looking for additional collators so if you have a little spare time and a lot of inclination then your efforts would be very welcome – please contact Sue Partridge – 01306 711355.

Your donation is needed desperately and really does help those who really do need it most, and thank you.

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