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Capel Old Friend’s Party

Chris D suggested I write the article, as a first time guest.

Having, like several others, sometimes been a helper, it was a new experience.

Guided into the hall with friendly greetings to view lovely decorations, balloons, Christmas trees, baubles, bespoke table decorations. and hand-made napkin rings.

Then drinks were served continuously to over a hundred people, followed by a welcome and “staff news”.

Vicar Liz said grace, and we were all served a plate of delicious food within 20minutes!

Entertainment followed the pudding, and the jolly duo had people dancing and tapping their toes, with familiar songs.

Then came the excellent raffle and tea fcoffee and mince pies, and Freda’s traditional lead for Auld Lang Syne.

Welcome to the trainees who have graduated to take over, from those who have, after many years stepped down.

If this was a media review it would say Food *****



Thank you all for our lovely event


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