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Capel Trees

Christmas has passed we’re into New Year

Gone are the trees that gave such cheer

Much fun was had on a bright December day With AI the saxophonist there to play

The day before our three elves appear

David, Norman and Richard to make it quite clear

With  mallets they bash in many a stake

That’s where the trees go, make no mistake

Mince pies from our friendly shops without ration Mulled wine for adults, a very generous donation

Coffee from our local producers for all to enjoy Served In the warmth of the church by Betty and Joy

The big lighting up ceremony was also such fun

Much singing of carols by everyone

On the day of dismantling Guy was there by eight

So that with the electrics we didn’t get in a state

Many people turned up early to undress their trees

They got soaking wet, but they didn’t freeze

This annual tradition is much admired

Surprising how folks can be so inspired

Keep your thinking caps on, for wouldn’t you know

It’ll soon be time to produce another beautiful show.

Sally Wyborn

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