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Solar Panels – Beare Green

There was a small presentation in Beare Green Village Hall at the beginning of January. It is suggested that we should provide 47 acres of good farming land to install a Solar “Farm’ on the land either side of the Capel By-pass between Wigmore Lane and the Beare Green Roundabout. This is the equivalent of 20 football pitches on either side of the road. These solar panels will provide a solid black barrier, 5 metres (i.e over 16 foot) high. There will be high fencing around the fields and also 5 or 6 brick buildings to house the necessary machinery. The farm would be on Green Belt land and would provide a visual blight on the area approaching Dorking and its views of Leith Hill and the north Downs. This would be the first solar “farm” in the South East; s far they have been largely installed in the South West. Of course we must think carefully about our ecological footprint, but to what extent are they a proven benefit? And do we have to be the guinea pigs?

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