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Bird Watching Courses

Have you ever seen an interesting bird in your garden or whilst out walking, and wondered what it
was? And what about that wonderful song a bird was singing the other day? There are So many
interesting birds right on our doorstep, or just a short distance away, that are worth looking at and
learning about, so l have created some interesting informative bird watching courses to inspire you.
They cover a wide number of birding topics such as a basic introduction to birds and how bird
watching has developed into a major recreational pastime. There is a brief introduction to bird
watching techniques, how to recognise different bird behaviour, where to see certain species and what
to expect to see in certain habitats. I will guide you through the best suitable equipment needed to
enhance the experience of bird watching, including binoculars, bird guides and technology supporting
identification. Being able to identify birds is the key to enjoying this wonderful hobby, so I will cover
a large spectrum of British birds from common garden and woodland birds, warblers to water birds
and many more including an introduction to less common but very interesting species that in fact with
a little guidance, can be fairly easily located and seen.
The courses have already been running from Juniper Hall, near Box Hill, Dorking, and there will be
another set of courses starting there in September. There is also to be a set of courses starting later
this month from Chesworth Farm nature reserve in Horsham. The courses themselves consist of a
mixture of classroom based presentations and field trips to put those  newly learned skills into practice,
bird watching in some other interesting locations.
They are available through Viewpoint Outdoor part of Astronomia (the telescope shop in Dorking)
and can be booked on line at courses/courses-birds/discovering-birds-course.html or by phoning me, Derrick Robinson on 07753 719170 I look forward to being able to introduce you to the wonders of the bird world. Bird watching is a   brilliant hobby and it’s growing. Try it and see.

Derrick Robinson

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