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Capel Assist

There was a very encouraging show of support at the Village Hall on the afternoon of 19th October for a scheme to provide neighbourly support for and by the residents of Capel and surrounding area. The intention is to set up a group of volunteers who will co-rdinate the provision of assistance and services to those in need of them, by helping in the home, providing transport, home visits and similar services. Approximately 30 people attended that meeting offering to be volunteers and or become committee members. As a result, an initial committee meeting has been held with the intention of setting up the organisation. The committee has agreed on Capel Assist as the name of the support group. Regular meetings will be held with Vicki Turton or Surrey County Council, who will be advising on the set-up of the organisation.

There will be a need for financial support in setting up the phone, appropriate insuruacnes, publicity etc, and it is likely that various groups within the Village will be contacted in that regard. We have been advised that it will be necessary to undergo DB (Disclosure and Barring) checks (ex-CRB), which will take some time to undertake. The committee have agreed to self-finance their own DB checks in order to start the process as quickly as possible. The committee would welcome additional offers of support from volunteers who would be willing to give their time and assistance. The committee will also be starting to spread the word amongst those in the Village who would like to make use of such a worthwhile service. Thank you for your enthusiasm at the initial meeting. We will be giving further updates as Capel Assist is set p. Please contact Sally Wyborn on 01306 711575 for further details, queries or offers of help.


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