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Capel Christmas Trees 2014



Capel church trees 2013 009Capel Trees 2014


Christmas is coming
Thoughts turn to trees
Capel groups do a grand job
Are you one of these?
Over the years the tradition has grown
To light up our village
We’ve become well known
The date has been fixed
Last Saturday in November
Put it in your calendar now
So that you remember
The Rules!! Try hard to adhere
We need to remind a few folks this year
6ft maximum for height of tree
As for decorations feel free
BUT please affix tightly (with wire)
Some weren’t last time, were these yours??
Our electrician works hard to correct every fault
To keep the show looking good
Some new lights he bought!
To avoid any upset while decorating our trees
To abide by the rules no money making please.
We are grateful to the folks who GIVE of their goodies
Let’s be grateful and keep it this way
A community occasion in every way!



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