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CAPEL W.I. – Coco’s Foundation – Chris Connors

The Village Hall was packed for this evening’s meeting with ladies who had all come to hear this Inspirational young man tell us all about the foundation he has established. Chris left school at IS after struggling with dyslexia and after a lot of persuading from his Mum, he trained to be a hairdresser. He now owns 3 salons, a training school and has 47 employees. Plus he has this wonderful foundation to run. How good is that?

One of his team members, Ed, told him one day, that he would like to work with children in

Africa. ‘OK’ said Chris, ‘lets do it’. Before long, and accompanied by his team and 100 teddies. knitted by ‘Knitting Nannies’, they arrived in a little village near Mozambique. Over the next 3 weeks they set to and built a fully-equipped orphanage for 19 children who were suffering from HIV Or Aids. He visited very sick children in the local hospital, which was a very emotional experience, we were told, and the teddies were a great success with the little patients!

Chris then returned to the UK knowing his time there had changed his life, so he did decided to set up the COCO’S. Company and he has never looked back. He told us that he has been back-several times when he and his teams have built amongst other things. a reservoir, and a vegetable garden and, of Course, they spend time with the children, which they love. He told us many little tales about these lovely children and we were all very humbled by it all.

South Africa then decided to dose down the homes, and the orphanage built by the Foundation is now a community centre, so COCO’S are now building houses for child-headed families and providing food, education and giving love to these little people.

What an incredible evening and an incredible young man.


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