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Classic Cars And Bikes – “Capel Reigns!”

Once again the Capel Weekend has come and gone with another fantastic combined Show for Cars & Bikes & Vegetable & Flowers & “et al” on Saturday 17th August – followed by a fantastic Music Festival on the Sunday.

Cars and Bikes came out in ever increasing numbers – Military and Commercial – Car Clubs – Vintage – Veteran – Young And Old – Classics of all description – in fact everyone came out with the purpose to have fun and enjoy themselves – and enjoy themselves they did!

And the public came out to marvel and celebrate the Annual Weekend Extravaganza of Capel. This year was the 15th showing of Classic Cars & Bikes and generally agreed as god as last year in spite of the overcast weather and occasional rain.

More than 630 Cars and Bikes and other Varieties of motorised vehicles navigated their way along the A24 into Capel.

This year’s combined car marque was Austin and Morris – names which had offshoots into Austin Healey and MG – all synonymous with great British tradition and mass-production.

Sevens and Tens and One hundreds and Three thousands – Minor and Minis and Mokes – B’s and C’s and GT’s – all numbers and initials from the classic past.

Brisk trade was evident throughout the many commercial outlets on the field, especially for food and liquid refreshments!

Whilst the prime objective of Cars & Bikes is to raise money for the upkeep of the Church – as run by The Friends of St. John the Baptist – the occasion continues as a social and village gathering.

Huge thanks go to many people – not least the Car & Bike Committee who toil through many committee meetings, listening to words of wisdom, and their many friends and relations who help control the roads, carparks, registrations, layouts etc. On the day – and then (just as importantly) take it all down and clear it all up afterwards – so a HUGE THANK YOU to YOU ALL.

Two specific “Thank You’s” without whose involvement nothing could or would happen.

Bill Turner – for the use of his field for parking the ever-increasing public requirement.

Capel Parish Council – for all the work they do and especially for ensuring that the Recreation Field is not only available but also in prime condition to act as a suitable “showcase”.

So although it rained on occasions, Capel still reigns and long may it continue!

And will we do it all again next year? Watch this space for future classic announcements.

Andrew Forsyth. 


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