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Highways matters – Speed reductions.

Surrey County Council has issued a notice to that it intends to reduce the existing maximum speed limit of 60MPH imposed in 1996 to a 50MPH maximum speed limit on that length of Dorking Road (A24) Holmwood which extends from its junction with the Holmwood roundabout to the Beare Green roundabout, including the entire length of the circulatory carriageway comprise in the Beare Green roundabout.

SCC intend to impose a 50 MPH maximum speed limit on that length of Bognor Road/ Ockley Road (A29), Beare Green which extends from its junction at the Beare Green Roundabout south-westwards and then southwards to a point 123 metres south-west and then south of the westernmost edge of the carriageway of Henhurst Cross Lane (D297) (at its junction with Bognor Road/ Ockley Road A29.)

A copy of the proposed Speed Limit Order together with plans showing the roads to which the order relates are available for viewing at the Help Desk in Mole Valley District Council’s offices at Pipbrook in Dorking. The objection period expires on Friday 29th June.

Jackie Coke – 01306 712447

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