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The Airports Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, has included Gatwick Airport in its shortlist for potential locations for the next runway in the UK. Gatwick Airport Limited have produced a consultation paper and 17-page questionnaire about their possible runway options. After considerable pressure they have included a ‘None of these options’ check-box buried in section D.


Heathrow is the only airport in the London area running near to maximum capacity. Stansted is only at 40% capacity and not due to reach maximum until 2040. The Government should return to the policy of NO MORE RUNWAYS and not yield to pressure from the airlines. The airlines would then begin to develop holiday services from the regional airports and so free up slots at Heathrow and Gatwick for foreign visitors and business travel.

Gatwick is surrounded by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty which are nationally protected landscapes valued by numerous visitors for their unique flora, fauna, peace and tranquility. The Surrey Hills reach 1000 feet putting them 35% closer to aircraft above. We are plagued by the noise and pollution caused by aircraft taking-off from Gatwick from 6 am to midnight. This can only get considerably worse.

Global Infrastructure Partners have made no secret that they hope to sell their airport share by 2020. Having permission for a second runway will dramatically increase its value.


that you can use to object to the second runway option at Gatwick

  • New homes required to meet the demands generated by employment for a new runway and expanded facilities. Approximately 30,000 – 45,000 new houses would be needed around the whole county. This was the conclusion of a study jointly commissioned by the West Sussex CC and Gatwick Diamond Initative.
  • Road and rail infrastructure for the airport. Both are already at breaking point and could not stand the extra pressure caused by the increase in travellers and local residents on the rural and motorway networks.
  • The need for extra school places, hospitals and doctors surgeries to be able to cope with the influx of new residents.
  • The routing proposed for aircraft will only worsen already unacceptable noise and pollution levels.
  • The drainage capacity of the river network created by the new developments will impact further on the Mole Valley.
  • It will certainly spoil our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 


1). Gatwick Airport Limited are putting on a series of exhibitions about their second runway options. One is in Dorking, please visit and make your objections known.

Date: Thursday 1st May 2014, 4.00 to 7.30pm Venue: Masonic Hall, Dorking Halls, RH4 1SG

If you can not attend there are others at Horley, Charlwood and Horsham.
2). The deadline for submitting your response to the questionnaire is 16th May 2014.

  • Complete GAL’s online response form by going to and click ‘have your say’
  • Request a paper response form and post it to: Freepost RSLG ATKL LBAE, Gatwick Runway Consultation, Ipsos MORI – Research Services House, Elmgrove Road, Harrow, HA1 2QG. Capel PC have a limited supply, contact Jackie Coke via email or telephone on 01306 712447
  • Email GAL at
  • Be aware that you must use the channels described here when responding to this consultation. Gatwick Airport Ltd cannot accept responsibility for ensuring that responses sent to any other addresses are included in this consultation

3). LOBBY your local district and county councillors and member of parliament. Details for contacting all are on the Capel Parish Council web-site

4). REGISTER with GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign)

GACC have been successfully fighting expansion at Gatwick Airport since the 1960’s. They have a team of experts who are running a concise and intelligent press campaign and who will also answer your questions.You can contact GACC on the following:

  • Website:
  • Post: GACC Campaign Office, Stan Hill, Charlwood, Surrey. RH6 0EP
  • Telephone: 01293 863369
  • Email:
  • Facebook: 

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