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Local Library Service

As long time residents of Capel, we have subscribed to the excellent village magazine but have never contributed to it. I have this month joined the library Direct volunteer service and the coordinator for the scheme asked if we could disseminate information about the book service to all residents, in particular sick or less mobile residents. The scheme is free and offers more than just delivering books. I hope you will find room in your magazine for the attached article.

Beryl Sinclair

“There are many people across Surrey, who are denied access to the wonderful worlds books create; people who can’t get to a library through no fault of their own. To combat this, Surrey County Council Libraries provide a brilliant free service called Library Direct, which is open to any resident in surrey, of any age, who has difficulty in getting to a library due to ill health, disability, mobility problems or caring responsibilities. Library Direct is currently made up of two main services, which are our Library Direct Friends & family service and our Library Direct Home service.

The Library Direct Home Service brings the library to you with the help of our dedicated volunteers. Library Direct proves a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked volunteer to select and deliver books direct to your door.

If you have a relative, neighbour or friend, who can borrow books for you then Library Direct Friends & Family is perfect. A specialist library card is provided to your friend or family member, allowing them to take books out on your behalf.

Both services provide our members with additional benefits such as extended loan periods and amount as well as no charges or fees. To find out more about Library Direct or to join one of the above mentioned services please contact Enquiries Direct on 01483 543599/ libraries or see our website for more details.”

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