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On the 31st July this year the Patel family will have been successfully running Capel News for 25 years. Mr and Mrs Patel and their family have been a constant and integral part of our community life. As soon as you enter the shop you are greeted as a friend and everyone is known by name.

Throughout their time in Capel the Patel family has served the community unstintingly. Nothing has ever seemed to be too much trouble, whatever the request. Papers are delivered and groceries taken at all hours to those who cannot leave home easily.

The Patel family have supported countless local events and donated to village clubs and societies and never sought thanks or praise for their generosity. They have shared our highs and lows and we have shared theirs.

Out village would be a hugely different place without them – so her’s fervently hoping that they will be with us for at least another 25 years!

Mandy Schryver

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