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Summer Stoolball News

A traumatic start: injuries, operations, moves, pregnancy and some of our good players out for the season!

Luckily we had Imogen back and then Brockham had left the league so Sue and daughter Louise joined, later Teresa, and also Jackie, a player originally from Ockley. Together with them, and the younger players getting more games, we managed. We won half of our games and round one of the cup. Then some close finishes and a lost second round cup match. We also got a team together for the league tournament and did reasonably well. Enjoyment was had, some drama, a broken elbow for Teresa, car whipash for Helen, a back rick for Ali, but everyone tried really hard and our teas were the best! Delighted to have stayed in the league, operation successful, injuries healing well, and a baby boy produced, plus nice weather.

Thanks to all the players, to Loulou for taking on the challenge of Captain, Yvonne for the scoring, me for the umpiring, Chris for the ground work. Lets hope next year is less traumatic!

Dot Thorp

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