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Surrey Telecare

What would happen if your mum or dad had a fall at home and no one knew?

With telecare – somebody would.

The falls detector is just one of the many telecare sensors that are available to meet specific needs. This device raises an alarm in the monitoring centre automatically, when movement and impact associated with a fall is detected. The falls detector can be worn on the person’s wrist or on pinned to clothing so it isn’t obtrusive.

Other telecare sensors include a chair/bed sensor, linked smoke detector, gas and carbon monoxide detectors, pill despenser and pendent.

The telecare free trial offer includes a community alarm provided by Surrey’s borough and district councils, as well as additional sensors that may be needed. After 12 weeks, if someone decides to keep the community alarm and telecare sensor, the only cost to be paid, is for the community alarm which is between £4 and £5 a week. The additional sensors are absolutely FREE.

Peace of mind for families, independence for your loved one.

Go to the to see how the falls detector has made a difference to Margaret!

To find out more about this offer, contact Surrey Telecare:

Call: 0800 195 6035

SMS: 07976 843825

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