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The 5th Capel Music Festival – 5 Aspects

Matthew, 11 – The Capel Music Festival was for a good cause because a lot of money was donated to charity. I think a wide range of people enjoyed the event since a wide range of music was played and there was lots of different stalls to enjoy. It was a good idea to have a ‘Capel’s Got Talent’ competition on Saturday night because fund for the kids and Studio ADHD were given lots of money that night! My favourite part of the festival was the act in the talent show where they used a pole that was on fire!

Mark – Not only did Mark host a pre-event in June, but he has tirelessly been the backbone (pun intended) alongside Phil W. of the sound, bands, roadying, mixing and continuity – throughout our 5 events this year, and years before.

Luke – This is I think the 3rd year that Luke has run the bar for the whole Big Weekend, adding the Capel Beer Festival to the already-heady mix, and he has done it excellently right from the start.

And John(s) – There were John’s everywhere, helping on the PA, gates, main bar, Studio ADHD stall, behind and in front of the VIP bar, and in the choir – and that’s only the ones I saw. Another I think I saw dancing with his grand-daughter.



1 very young person is still with us, because 1 Amber guy acted very quickly.

11 brilliants acts on the bill.

12 on the CMF committee Choir Practice

25 (maybe) tons moved (e.g. 1 tonne of tables moved 7+ times + stage, PA, Spokes, Bins, Chairs, Bar, ….)

100 listed as volunteers, and more – Funktion 1, Scouts, Guides, Edes, Hortis, Classics,

2,000+ attending

15,000 pounds, probably to charities this year

A Million thanks, Capel – “ARE YOU OUT THERE ?”

Phil P.

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