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Vachery Triathlon Festival – Sunday 21st July

The Parish Council has written to Surrey County Council to convey its concerns regarding the planned road closures for this event.and asking that it rescind its closure declsions. The organisers plan to close roads on the cycle route for eight hours (between 6am and 2pm). The Parish Council is pointing out that the Vachery Triathion is a private, profit-making enterprise which will be making commercial gain at the expense of local businesses along the route and on the feeder roads leading to the loss of essential summer weekend trade and drastically affecting the sustainability of those businesses. The roads in question include parts of Bognor Road (A29); Lake Road, Ockley; Leith Hill Road; Etherley Hill; and many of the feeder roads on to the A29. For the full details of the road closures please see

Parish Councillors consider that the event should be run on the same lines as the two Ride London races to be held on August 3rdand 4th and the Tour of Britain race on Saturday 21st September where the vast majority of theraces will be delivered under a temporary ‘rolling closure’ enforced by police and the National Escort Group closing the roads as the race approaches and opening again once the cyclists have left the area.


Jackie Coke, Clerk to the Council 01306 – 712447

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