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COVID-19 Briefing 23/07

Equipment recommendations for online and hybrid services

It is tempting to go and buy lots of equipment before you launch an online service, or move from online only to a hybrid service where you stream live from church. It can be cost prohibitive, completely confusing or lead to purchasing overly expensive equipment that ends up being underused.

The Diocese of Guildford is full of a variety of churches, all thinking about how they best might serve their community.

On 17 July we took a straw poll to get a snapshot of where churches are at in terms of equipment for livestreaming:
• 12 are currently using a smart phone to stream their services
• 11 are looking to build a team dedicated to this work
• 8 are currently using a camera
• 8 are currently using an independent mic
• 3 are thinking of buying a mic or audio kit
• 2 currently have a team
and 1 is thinking of buying a camera

We have pulled all this into a document to provide some information on what options and providers are available to help you.. Thank you to those on the Transforming Church Facebook group who shared what equipment they are using and to the Archdiocese of Birmingham for the wealth of information on live streaming. 

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St John The Baptist Church, Capel is a small friendly village church in the centre of the village. We are part of the Surrey Weald Team of parishes close to the south Surrey border with West Sussex. The other parishes in the team are St Peter’s, Newdigate, and St Mary Magdelene, South Holmwood. Our church offers a variety of worship, both separate and as part of the Weald Team.

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