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Sunshine and Shadows

Dear all

As I write to you the sun continues to shine and I am tempted to believe that summer has arrived.

How shocking it is that dark shadows are cast by those who seek to kill and maim innocent adults and children as has happened in Manchester in recent days. We continue to pray for all those who have been affected and bereaved by this atrocity and as you know our church is always open in the daytime for private prayer and reflection. The human spirit though always manages to rise above these dreadful events and as with other tragedies local and nationally communities come together in a way that supports and upholds the victims. I am left though as you probably are, thinking what the point of these mindless acts of violence is when terrorists will never win in the end. In the meantime we are encouraged to keep on doing the things which ground us, and I would encourage you to put your hope and faith in the God who loves this world so much, who mourns with us in our sorrows and rejoices with us in the goodness of so many acts of kindness and generosity we experience at such times.

If you come into church and cross over to the North Aisle you will find a small display which will lift your hearts considerately. Our Tuesday afternoon craft group have made another of their now famous window displays on the theme of wild birds. They have given us a feast for the eyes with birds of all description crafted by hand using all types of materials. Some are knitted, felted, modelled by papier mache, along with knitted caterpillars, slugs and all sorts of little surprises! They certainly represent God’s creatures great and small. Thank you Craft Group – for such a small group you always make a big impact!

Hopefully the warm weather will continue this month, with a little rain to please the farmers and gardeners of course, but not on our Annual Vicarage Fete day. This year it will be held on the 17th June in the Vicarage Garden and will have a seaside theme. As you know this is a major fundraiser for our local village schools so please come and join in the fun. We have a beautiful Fortnum and Mason luxury hamper as our first prize this year so please buy our raffle tickets or sell some beforehand for us. Let me know if you would like some. The knobbly knees are back – we already have a champion from last year who will be hard to beat, but don’t let that put you off entering!

We also have our first two weddings towards the end of this month and we look forward to celebrating with them as they ‘tie the knot’. We also enjoyed welcoming two families who brought their baby boys for baptism this last month and of course it was great fun welcoming many dogs and a rabbit to our pet service last month too! This will definitely be an annual event. I hope you may have had a chance to look at our new website which gives you up to date news and details of our services and events. Our new faith based resource InSpire is available online as well as in church too.

June also brings us the time of Pentecost, the day we celebrate the pouring out of God’s Holy Spirit 40 days after he rose from the dead. That Spirit enabled hundreds and indeed thousands that day to believe in Christ, that although he died to this life, he rose again and is alive and with us through the power of that amazing Holy Spirit. He is available to us today and will come to you if you ask. Death and acts of violence on others will never have the final word. New life continues to be created both here and in the world to come. May that surety uphold and encourage you wherever you are on life’s journey today.

With my love and prayers as ever

Revd Liz

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