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Capel Sports Pavillion

It has been another busy month with lots of meeting and planning for fundraising events etc. Good news is that we received confirmation of another grand which was for £3,000. We have 3 or 4 more currently either in waiting a decision or about to be submitted.

We have also continued with our In-House Fundraising including a World Cup Competition and more Car Washing. Thanks to those who have brought their cars for a clean. the next Car Wash is on Saturday 2nd August from 10:00 to 12:00 so p[lease come and see us. Donations from £5.00 per car.

Events planned in August include:

Men v Women Cricket Game Friday 1st August, Bar and Food available and the Old Village Stocks coming back into use.

Flower Show – We are having a stand with some games and also will be showing off concept floor plans and happy to discuss the scheme.

BBQ – We are running the BBQ both on Saturday and Sunday for the Big Weekend.

We also have a Race Night in the village hall booked for 8th November so I will post more on that nearer the time.

Anthony Birch 


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