Flix In The Stix

Nearly 10 years ago a few of us thought that there was a need in Capel to have a film show, especially during the autumn and winter months.  We were fortunate in having Robert Arthur, FRPS, who is a keen cinema buff and photographer.  When we started, with no funding and precious little money, we relied entirely on the enthusiasm and hard work of Robert and friends.  The key was that Robert had a 16mm projector, and knew how to use it.

We started with quite an ambitious programme, showing the following films




Sept 2nd

Road to Morocco  Bob Hope & Bing Crosby comedy

Oct. 7th

African Queen Dir: John Huston.  Katherine Hepburn & Humphrey Bogart Col. 1951

Nov. 4th

Vertigo Dir: Alfred Hitchcock.  James Stewart & Kim Novak. Col. 1958

Dec. 2nd

It’s a Wonderful Life Dir: Frank Capra.  James Stewart B&W 1946



Jan. 6th

The Glenn Miller Story Dir: Anthony Mann.  James Stewart & June Allyson with support from Louis Armstrong & Gene Krupa

Feb. 3rd

Hasty Heart Dir: Vincent Sherman.  Richard Todd, Ronald Regan. 1949

Mar. 2nd

Goodbye Mr. Chips Dir: Sam Wood.  Robert Donat & Greer Garson. B & W. 1939

Apr. 6th

Singing in the rain Gene Kelly stars & directs. Voted Top 10 of all time.  Col.  1952

May 4th

Carve her name with pride  Dir: Lewis Gilbert.  Virginia McKenna.  B & W. 1958

June 1st

Brighton rock  Dir: John Boulting.  Richard Attenborough.  B& W.  1947

July 6th

42nd Street Dir: Lloyd Bacon.  Warner Baxter & Bebe Daniels.  Busby Berkley choreographs.


As time went on, it became increasingly difficult to get any decent 16mm film.  Apart from anything else, the huge three-reelers cost money and gave heart-stopping moments as to whether they would arrive in time, or not.  So in 2005 we went digital, investing quite a bit of money in buying a second hand digital projector and all the electronic attachments to make it work.  This meant that we had access to recently released films of much higher quality.  Subsequently the equipment has been upgraded and with the help of the Village Hall Committee a much needed new screen has been installed.  The organisation has gone from strength to strength.  The last film, shown in October, attracted an audience of 76 which nearly fills the Memorial Hall.  It is possible for people to have a good evening out in Capel enjoying a meal and a film for less than £10 per person, if they take up the offer of a curry from The Crown Inn who provide two curries for the price of one, on film nights.  It is a very social event, with an intermission halfway through the film so that people can get a coffee or an ice cream and have a chat.