Refuse & Recycling

Information about refuse and recycling services available in Capel.

Mole Valley residents currently recycle more than 58% of their waste, making the area among the best recyclers in the UK. This has been achieved through a number of schemes, including the food waste recycling service. There are also a number of recycling banks throughout the district, including in both of the main town centres.

There are a number of recycling sites throughout Mole Valley which are open to the public. However, these locations are site specific as to what materials they can accept.

For More Information about the locations and what materials are accepted at each site please click here.

Residents can take materials that are not suitable to be put in either your recycling or waste bins to a number of community recycling and waste transfer sites in the county.

Community Recycling Centres are where you can take any recycling that cannot be placed in your green recycling wheelie bin.


For More Information about Community Recycling Centres please visit Mole Valley’s Website by Clicking Here.

Mole Valley District Council has introduced a collection service for unwanted textiles and clothing at the kerbside.

Put your unwanted textiles in a carrier bag, tie it up tightly, and place it next to your recycling bin on your normal collection day. It is important that the textiles are dry. You may wish to avoid putting out textiles in wet weather.

For more information please click here.

Mole Valley District Council has introduced a collection service for unwanted or small broken electrical items from the kerbside.

Place your unwanted or broken items into any carrier bag, tie it up, and place it next to your refuse (black bin) on your normal collection day. You can leave any plugs or cables attached, but do not place loose items out for collection.

For more information please click here.

MVDC is able to accept a number of different items for recycling, but some things still need to be put in your black bin.

You can download a “What can I recycle?” document here or alternatively click here for more information.

Mole Valley District Council provides wheeled bins for refuse and recycling as well as caddies for food waste. Recycling and food waste containers can be ordered free of charge. Refuse bins are charged for under most circumstances.

For more information about wheeled bins please click here to visit Mole Valley’s Website.

Mole Valley District Council runs a fortnightly garden waste collection service which offers residents an easy and convenient way to recycle all year round.

For more information on Mole Valley’s website please click here.

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) offers district-wide weekly food waste collections to 36,000 properties. All of the food waste collected is then sent for composting. Through this service MVDC aims to divert even more waste from landfill – a key environmental challenge.

For more information located on Mole Valley’s website please click here.

Mole Valley operates an alternate weekly bin collection system. The black bin (rubbish) is collected in one week and the green bin (recycling) is collected the following week. Use the MoleValley & Me facility to find out when your bins are due to be collected by entering your address into the interactive map.

Download a collection calendar by clicking here.

Visit Mole Valley & Me by clicking here.

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Information and text taken from Mole Valley’s Website.