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Scarecrows Come to Capel

Don’t be surprised to see an invasion of scarecrows when passing through Capel between now and mid August. Capel Show is set to take place from 12 noon on 18thAugust and the scarecrows want to be sure you don’t forget to come along!  The Horticultural Society celebrates its 125thAnniversary this year and their Flower Show in the Grand Marquee sits Continue Reading →

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School’s out and so are the scarecrows!

Dear all I am really enjoying spotting and generally being surprised by the different scarecrows which keep appearing in the village. How fun are they and how ingenious you scarecrow makers are! From the long green nose of what I presume is an upside down watering can to appearances between gaps in hedges to daring positions precariously scaling houses I am loving them! Scarecrows you see, throughout the village were before my time in Capel. So I have googled how to make a scarecrow and hopefully by the time you read this we will have one outside the vicarage as well. We also have a new addition to our vicarage in the shape of a new Labrador puppy called Ruby. Some of you will already know that Doug and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary recently – hence the puppy’s name – and this is our present to one another. We were very spoiled at both churches too with beautiful flowers, champagne at our PCC meeting and a fabulous card with our wedding photo on it (!) with a lovely Susie West print of the Isle of Wight where we spent our anniversary with our children and grandchildren which was… Read More

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Capel Show

CAPEL SHOW, SATURDAY 18 AUGUST 2018, CAPEL RECREATION GROUND, RH5 5LB FROM 12 NOON 125 years and still growing strong! This year Capel Horticultural Society celebrates a significant anniversary – 125 years of encouraging horticulture in Capel and surrounding villages. The founders of the first show, held in the grounds of Church Gardens Farm, would surely be amazed to see Continue Reading →

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Ordinary Time?

Dear all So once again we are fortunate to have fine weather for our vicarage fete tomorrow. As I write there is a wonderful array of gazeboes kindly lent and installed by many kind and very helpful people adorning our back garden. Lovely that we need them this year to keep the heat off us instead of the rain! I would like to thank everyone who has involved themselves with the fete, the organising team, the helpers who man the various stalls – a record number this year; those who prepare and serve the delicious teas and of course a huge thank you to those who have donated very generous raffle prizes. Hopefully we will raise lots of money for our schools. It is amazing how everyone together each playing their part creates something wonderful. I have also very much enjoyed playing a very small part in the Ockley Dramatic Society’s 70th birthday celebrations this last month. Something I’ve never done before I have to say! I was persuaded to as they say in theatrical circles I believe; tread the boards, in what was fairly obviously a comic play. I was given a ‘cameo’ role (more theatrical speak) as one… Read More

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July Garden Tips

Garden work for July 2018 Flower garden It will soon be mid-summer and many of the earlier flowering perennials start to look rather forlorn. It may be worth your while to be ruthless and cut back foliage that is straggling. In particular, hardy geraniums, delphiniums alchemia mollis (Lady’s Mantle) should all benefit from this treatment. Stake sunflowers and autumn perennials Continue Reading →

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