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InSpire October 2018 Issue 20 – Celebrating Harvest

Dear Readers, As we enter the month of October and the days start drawing in, we have much to celebrate in both our churches with the two Harvest Festivals, Church teas continuing, Messy Church and the Spanish Fiesta in early November to look forward to. Read all about it in InSpire October-2018_website.pdf

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Christmas Wreath/Table Decoration making

Would you like to make your own Christmas Wreath or Table Decoration this year? Then join us in Capel Parish Hall on Thursday 13 December at 7.30 pm. All you need to bring is a pair of secateurs, a camera/smart phone would help you remember what to do for future years and if you have greenery from your own garden that you would like Continue Reading →

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Seven year review!

Dear all This month I will have been your vicar here for seven years which I can hardly believe. Where has all the time gone?! It certainly doesn’t seem like seven years; the time has literally flown by, yet these seven years have shaped our parish of Capel from one where I was appointed as a self-supporting minister under an arrangement of ‘House for Duty’ to a new united Parish and a full time Stipendiary role. (A Stipend is the ecclesiastical word for regular payment to clergy). Basically it means I am now paid! I was extremely happy to come here under House for Duty arrangements as I had other family commitments to honour as well as serving the church and community here. Those of you who know me and the work of clergy also know that ministry is rarely part time, so it was with great thankfulness that a couple of years ago Capel PCC agreed that they could fund a half stipend for the ministry I do. Now with the opportunity to join with St Margaret’s at Ockley, all agreed that this should be a full time stipendiary position which is wonderful. It is good for me of… Read More

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Capel church’ boundary wall being rebuild

We have recently commenced work on the west boundary wall of the church yard. The appointed stonemason, Shawn Williamson was able to give us some time in September to make a very meaningful start on the wall. If you haven’t seen the impressive work he has done, you should take a walk through the church yard to see for yourself. If not, there are before and after photos attached. As Shawn had some free time we made a start on the wall to show our intent and what can be achieved to restore the lovely handcrafted wall. He has completed approximately 1/3 of the west wall. Money for this month’s work has come from the boundary wall fund. Shawn is proposing to return in November, weather and funds permitting. We have applied to the Capel Parish Council for partial funding and if that comes through we will be able to do a further section of the wall. Further donations from the parish and wider community are needed. Shawn would like to teach local people the art of stone masonry and we would welcome volunteers to come along in November to learn and assist. If you are able to do so… Read More

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‘Secrets of Hever Castle’

As the nights draw in and gardens are put to bed,gardeners’ thoughts, of course, turn to inspiration for next year, and here it is!We are delighted to announce that we have securedNeil Miller,Head Gardener at Hever Castle,to present a talk‘Secrets of Hever Castle’ Doors open at 7.30 for an 8.00pm startin the Parish Hallon Thursday, 25th October 2018.Tea and coffee will Continue Reading →

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Autumn beginnings

Dear all September is here again and autumn approaches along with new beginnings for many with school, colleges, and further education. I always think it is an exciting time of year – a time to begin something new perhaps. Do you remember when it used to be called ‘evening classes’ or ‘night school’?! Well there is much on offer in our village of course with plenty of events and activities to choose from but here is a taster of some of the things we are offering that are kind of church based. Well, I’m not very good at science and maths and definitely should go back to school for those subjects but despite that one of the things I am looking forward to attending is a talk by our own Revd Dr Martin Gilpin from St Peter’s Newdigate who is going to give a talk on science and faith entitled ‘Belief in God: Is it rational?’. The talk is free and is to be held in Newdigate Village Hall on Friday 7th September at 7.30 and Martin who is a scientist by profession is going to discuss amongst other things: – the origin of the universe, the origin of life… Read More

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