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Remembrance to Christ the King

Dear all November already and definitely a nip in the air! Where has the year gone? This month we have entered the season of All Saints journeying towards Advent stopping to commemorate our faithful departed along the way and those who have died serving our country through war on Remembrance Sunday. All Saints is literally about celebrating all the saints, famous or not, who may have lived long ago or are still serving others in our world today. In fact the month of November is very much about service and serving others. The saints served our world, our armed forces served our nation and defended others; both willing to die for others in the cause of freedom and democracy and the common good. Church wise all of this draws us up to a wonderful Sunday which brings the cycle of the Church’s year to a close and that is the Feast of Christ the King. The year that began with the hope of the coming Messiah ends with the proclamation of his universal sovereignty. Great themes to reflect on which also once again remind us of our dependence and our mutual belonging as church and community together. I rather like… Read More

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50 Years of the Capel and Beare Green Magazine

Dear all I feel very honoured to be the present incumbent responsible for writing the regular monthly letter on the 50th anniversary of the Capel and Beare Green Village Magazine. I believe it was one of my predecessors Reverend Trevor McCabe who 50 years ago came up with the idea of developing what was very much monthly ‘church news’ into a magazine which encompassed all the village news as well. A terrific idea which has stood the course of time, providing our village communities with a platform for communication and information which is of interest to us all. Congratulations on this special anniversary and this special anniversary issue! 50 years later our church continues to serve the parish in any way that it can and like the Reverend McCabe we long to see ‘Church in the community: Community in the Church’ which is a bit of a strapline for us. It is wonderful to be able to welcome so many into church for the most meaningful occasions in their lives, whether joyful or sad and to share people’s lives and journeys along the way. It is a credit to our community that we are able to safely leave the church… Read More

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October Garden Tips

Garden work for October. Flower garden It can be pretty expensive buying perennials, so if you have space to fill in, continue dividing and replanting herbaceous plants this month.  By doing this you will re-invigorate the older plant and getting a better display next year. Once seed heads have ripened and are nice and brown, cut them and store the Continue Reading →

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Bringing in the harvest

Dear all I write this in the wake of the Capel Show and what a wonderful show it was! The weather was kind, we had record numbers of cars, exhibits and visitors and everyone appeared to be having an old fashioned ‘grand day out’! There was also a very special atmosphere in the early morning as exhibitors, volunteers, stall holders, stewards, to name but a few, busied themselves with their tasks in readiness for the day. Coffee Real as ever was there to provide much needed sustenance in coffee and other delicious beverages it seemed to me there was an air of eager anticipation for a wonderful day ahead. That coupled with the village as ever uniting to try to produce the best show ever made me once again so proud to be part of this great community. Well done everyone and particularly to the show’s organisers for giving us this annual opportunity to come together like this and celebrate all the lovely things created by God and humankind. Thank you too to the Car Show committee who generously donate all their proceeds towards the upkeep of our parish church, through the Friends of Capel Church. This month we look… Read More

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September Garden Tips

Garden work for September. Flower garden Deadhead penstemons, dahlias and other perennials to keep them flowering If there is a dry spell, which can often happen in September, make sure that plants are watered as this reduces the risk of diseases such as powdery mildew. Continue to give a liquid feed, such as Tomorite, to patio plants and hanging baskets. Continue Reading →

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