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Wolvens Lane Temporary Closure

After spending over £300K on resurfacing and stumping a 4km section of Wolvens Lane, SCC have imposed a temporary closure of the byway, which has been extended again until October 5th 2022 or until remedial work is completed, for all 4 wheeled vehicles and carriages, to allow the new surface to bed in. 
The Local Committee meeting held at Pippbrook on September 29th 2021 supported the officer’s recommendation to impose a permanent TRO to ban all 4-wheeled vehicles from using the …

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Capital Projects 2020/21

During 2020/21 nearly £142,000 was spent on projects in all three wards in our parish. This was funded by CIL(Community Infrastructure Levy) and Easement payments. A number of other projects have been identified for the future and will be funded from further payments or the council’s reserves. Photos of all the completed projects can be found in the parish photo library. Details of the projects can be found in this link.

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Great News, Final Closure

UKOG gives up Surrey Hills oil exploration licence

Campaign against oil drilling at Bury Hill Wood near Leith Hill. Photo: Jon O’Houston
UK Oil & Gas plc announced this morning it has relinquished an oil exploration licence near Dorking in Surrey, which included a controversial site near the Leith Hill beauty spot.
The news comes just over two years after clearance of the Leith Hill site, which had planning permission and an environmental permit. But it was never drilled because…

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New CCTV Cameras to Catch Mole Valley Fly-Tippers

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has installed nine new CCTV cameras in fly-tipping hotspots across the district to catch offenders.
An individual or business found to be responsible for fly-tipping in Mole Valley risks receiving a £300 fixed penalty notice from MVDC.
Anyone who undertakes work to a building, or hires a contractor or tradesperson to do so, has a duty of care to ensure that the waste is disposed of responsibly and legally.
Work could include the installation…

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Scout’s Honour

For local father, scout leader and IT consultant Simon Clarke, purchasing a 3D-printer back in January seemed a simple means of pursuing a personal hobby. However, three months and a coronavirus pandemic later, Clarke’s hobby had rapidly transformed into an enterprise: 3D-printed visor production and distribution to Surrey and surrounding counties.
Across the UK, hospitals and businesses have been suffering from nation-wide personal protective equipment shortages since the beginning of …

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Capel Parish Notes For June

Public Meeting at 7pm on 22nd June: The Neighbourhood Development Plan is now progressing towards the formal community consultation which is planed for the end of june. A hard copy of the draft plan will be sent to all householders in the Parish for a 6-week consultation. The plan will also be available online. The Steering Group and Parish Council recognise that this will form an important part of the process…

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Capel Parish Council Notes For May

Good news for everyone in Capel who uses the pub and has been concerned about its future. The Area Manager has confirmed that the pub will be closing for refurbishment the second week of July and will open again some time in August. The work will involve a new kitchen and improvements both inside and outside, including the garden area. When it reopens there will be a full food menu…

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Parish Council Notes for April

The new Capel Parish Office and Community Hall are now open and ready for use.  If you would like to book the Hall, please call Hall Bookings on 01306 71 1292. The Annual Residents Meeting took  place in the new Parish Community Hall and was very well attended on Monday  14 March. The Chairman of the Parish Council gave her report on the year’s activities and thanked everyone who had…

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