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June 2024 Garden Notes

The pace of gardening really hots up in June, but it is still necessary to keep an eye on what the weather holds in store for us.  Evening temperatures should be high enough in June but keep an eye out for the younger plants if rain does not arrive fairly soon.

Frost susceptible, fast growing plants like dahlias, courgettes and so on should be put into their final homes assuming that there is no ground frost forecast.  If it has been very dry, make sure that they have a good drink before and after planting them out.  But don’t water them all the time.  Give the roots time to settle down and then water (if necessary, and allowed) about once a week with a thorough soaking, preferably in the evening or early morning before the sun has got its full power switched on.

Hedges need regular attention now, and should be kept in shape; otherwise they can so easily get away from you making the task so much more difficult.  Grass needs to be mown, but keep the cutter bar on a high level and the lawn will look greener for much longer.  Do not put sprinklers on lawns, even if they do turn a dusty brown, as soon as the rain comes back they will recover with surprising speed.  If you do water the lawn you are wasting a precious resource to no real effect.

In the vegetable plot, make sure potatoes are kept ridged up; otherwise the tubers get exposed and ruined.  Late Savoy cabbage can be sown now – use a variety like ‘Ormskirk’.  Winter cabbage like January King should be planted out now.  Leeks should be planted out using a dibber to make a hole about 6 to 8” deep, and then water it in well.

Continue to make successional sowings of lettuce.  Ones like ‘Tom Thumb’ ‘Little Gem’ and ‘Mini Green’ are fast growing, and the right size for many people.  Webbs Wonderful is superb but rather large.

Early tomatoes should be ripening fast and the fruits should be picked regularly.

Roses are at their best towards the end of the month.  It helps to keep them cut regularly and feed with a potash feed to keep them blooming longer.  If you want to have specimen blooms it is advised to take out the side shoots carefully, as well as the smaller buds, leaving just one strong one at the end of the stem.  Keep an eye out for pests and disease.  Keep mildew at bay by regular spraying.

Suckers that sprout up from the base of damson and plum trees can become troublesome unless dealt with early on, so dig them out and burn the resulting twigs.

As alpine plants finish flowering, trim them back to keep the plants neat and compact.  It will also encourage them to make good growth for next spring.  Any gaps or vacant spots in the rock garden can be planted with summer flowering annuals or bedding plants to maintain the overall colour.  Towards the end of the month cuttings can be taken from the alpine stock to increase the number of plants.  Root the cuttings in a sandy compost.

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