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News From Scott-Broadwood March 2015

Our topic this term at Scott Broadwood has been space. We’ve also been talking about Recycling. Combining the two we held a Box-Troll Recycling Day!

The classes mixed up and the children had to work together on their plans. They designed an enormous rocket and then had to find the right modelling bits for each part of the rocket. Fixing the bits together took a lot of thought as they wanted to make sure it was secure and would survive a trip into space. They also made a Box-Troll family to send off in the rocket. Altogether it was a great day for teamwork and construction skills (And lots of fun!).

Commenting on the day the children said…. they liked being creative and using their imagination, liked working with different children, liked the painting and getting messy, liked the sticking and gluing.

Astronaut food has also been made and eaten – it was yummy!

A pink, yoghurt looking mixture which had to be put in individual plastic bags so it didn’t float around the space ship.

Next term one of our topics is Journeys – where we will travel to and how will we get there?

Mrs Susan Muat – Headteacher

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