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Parish Council Notes for April

The new Capel Parish Office and Community Hall are now open and ready for use.  If you would like to book the Hall, please call Hall Bookings on 01306 71 1292.

The Annual Residents Meeting took  place in the new Parish Community Hall and was very well attended on Monday  14 March. The Chairman of the Parish Council gave her report on the year’s activities and thanked everyone who had contributed to refurbishment of the building as well as all the other activities within  the Parish during the year, including all the Parish Councillors, the Clerks, the community volunteers, as well as all those involved in helping with the Neighbourhood Development Plan. There followed  an update on the Henry Smith Charity  voucher scheme and a report about

Capel Assist which is being set up by volunteers to help people get to hospital and doctors

appointments when they cannot drive themselves. A short report on crime statistics for the year was given by the local PCSO and an explanation about organisational changes from  I April.   An update about Capel Youth Club was given and it is hoped this will start again very soon when enough youth workers  and volunteers  have come forward. A plea was made for more  volunteers  to help with a few hours occasionally so that the Youth Club can start up again as soon as possible.


Clerk  to Capel Parish Council

01306 712447

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