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Tribute To The People Of Capel During The Great War 1914-1918

This is the sixth and final article to be submitted in tribute to the people of Capel who lived through the war, using local evidence of the time. With the centenary of the outbreak of the war on 4th August 1914, there will be many local, national and international commemorations. The experiences of Capel people were reflected all over the country.

On 17th September, 1914, Lt. Evelyn Broadwood, of Lyne house, in a letter to his sister, Audrey, wrote from France ‘The War can scarcely last long at this pace…. People here give the war another month or so to last and the sooner it is over the better in many ways…. Don’t forget not to leave the house empty in case the enemy lands, which I hope won’t happen.’

However, still on 28th May 1918, the Rector of Newdigate wrote that he had been asked to help at Capel services since the Capel Vicar, the Rev. C.F. Carver, is likely to be called up soon to act as a Chaplain in France….. men of military age up to 45, and to 50 prospectively, shall offer themselves for national service’.

Contribution by Carol Cobb, with acknowledgments to John Calcutt, ‘A Village at War’, 2011.

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